See How People Are Styling White Outfits for Summer

I can’t say with certainty when exactly this trend started, but I can tell you that it landed on my radar about a month ago, and I’ve been tracking it ever since. From spotting it on my TikTok FYP and Instagram feed to seeing it on my very own stylish co-workers, there’s something about the all-white look paired with black accessories that has taken the fashion set by storm. It truly is the perfect virtually free styling trick for summer. I say free because the chances you have a white top and bottom (or dress), black shoes, and a black bag—bonus points for a belt—are very high, meaning you technically don’t have to buy anything to test it out.

Speaking of testing it out, I did just that prior to writing this story. I opted for my usual combination of jeans and a tee but this time in white. Finishing with a black shoulder bag, suede belt, and ballet flats, I hit the town doing my best to stay clean with two kids in tow. As the headline so plainly put it, I really did feel chic and like I was making the most of my favorite wardrobe basics. To see and shop my look plus eight others that will have you convinced, just keep scrolling.