Serena Kerrigan x Studs Collab Is All “For The Plot”

“I’m the Queen of Confidence, and I saved you a seat at my throne.” In the last two years, no creator has preached the message of self-love more than Serena Kerrigan. Since leaving her full-time job (at Refinery29!) to focus on her SFK brand, the confidence coach has launched the first Instagram Live reality show Let’s Fucking Date, which streamed Kerrigan’s virtual blind dates; created several card games; and garnered a following of 170K+ on her IG account, where the aforementioned message greets the uninitiated. Now, the dating guru is looking to spread her gospel of unapologetic self-confidence further by partnering up with Studs, a piercing studio with its own line of jewelry, on SFK x Studs, a collaboration that marks the brand’s first influencer partnership.