Shop the 31 of the Most Expensive Looking Pieces On Zara

The beauty of Zara is that whether you want trendy items or classic ones, you’ll find them there and they will most likely be affordable. And as someone who has been shopping at Zara for years, I’ve found that the quality has gone up a bit. In many cases so have the prices, but it’s still quite inexpensive, especially if you’re getting an item you could wear over and over for years to come.

I shop Zara like it’s a sport, and today, my game plan was to find the most expensive-looking items among the thousands it currently has in stock. I encountered so many high-quality pieces that the hard part was narrowing them down, but narrow it down I did. Some are trend-forward, some are basics, and all are pretty amazing.

Scroll on for all of the shoes, outerwear, trousers, sweaters (and more) that like pricey but aren’t—sometimes shockingly so.