Simon Jordan glad Floyd Mayweather beat up Deji and gave him a ‘touch of reality’ with painful stoppage in exhibition

talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan has said that he was glad to see Floyd Mayweather teach Deji a tough lesson in their exhibition fight on Sunday.

The retired 50-0 boxing legend stopped his YouTuber-turned-boxer opponent in a mismatched contest in Dubai.

Jordan had no issue with Mayweather stopping Deji

The Sun

Jordan had no issue with Mayweather stopping Deji

Most expected the bout to be a light sparring session not taken seriously.

Instead though, Mayweather went through the gears after a few rounds of kidding around and fired off painful punches to Deji’s head and body.

In round six, referee Kenny Bayless jumped in and stopped the beatdown.

On White and Jordan on Thursday, Adam Catterall opined that Mayweather should have done more to protect Deji.

However, Jordan disagreed: “I’m surprised that Adam is uncomfortable with these YouTubers, that are leveraging the sport, getting a touch of reality of what the sport really involves.

“Because they’re a lot younger than Floyd Mayweather.

“Floyd Mayweather of course is Floyd Mayweather.

“But I’m actually in the camp of some of these guys getting a bit of reality.

“They want to monetise themselves through the world of boxing.

“Jake Paul’s the same – I know he’s not fighting at the same level and calling out Tommy Fury isn’t the same as calling out Floyd Mayweather, but I’m not against it.

“I’m not against them getting – for want of a better expression – a lesson.”