Sofia Wylie’s Guide to Combination Skin Care and Dewy Makeup

“I just really love my time alone because I’m a really big introvert,” says actor Sofia Wylie in her installment of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets. Though the rising star has many moments in the spotlight (her new film, The School for Good and Evil, is out this October), she enjoys these moments by herself to paint, play the piano, or complete her beauty regimen: beginning with a good cleanse, followed by under-eye patches to combat puffiness, and a face roller. 

Her start in the industry began at age 10, though she didn’t have a set skin-care routine until about 12 years old when she started getting acne. Since then, her skin has been fluctuating between breakouts. “[Right now] I’ve been kind of back on more intense skin care, just because I want to make sure my skin is getting the treatment that it needs right now while it’s kind of going through it,” says the now 18-year-old. La Mer’s eye cream and Clé de Peau’s sunscreen round out her skin prep. 

Onto makeup, Wylie applies Charlotte Tilbury’s primer to the points of her face she wants accentuated. “My skin has such a strange fluctuation because I can get so tan so fast, and then I can not see the sun for a day and boom—I get really pale,” says Wylie. So, she typically carries several different foundations in her bag to ensure she has the right color match. She applies Dior’s foundation to areas where she wants coverage, then spot conceals with the NARS pot formula. 

Wylie, who currently stars as Gina in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, is excited about how inclusive the show is. In the series, her character plays the lead in a production of Frozen. “I hope that young girls are able to see Gina and be like ‘Oh my god she’s playing a princess? I can be a princess, too!’” she says while contouring. Over her three seasons on the show, Wylie has been passionate about staying involved in her hair, makeup, and wardrobe. “I really wanted to do box braids because for me, and a lot of my friends who look like me and have my curl pattern, we do box braids when it’s summer because it’s so much more easy to manage,” she continues. “I think people have really resonated with it because it is really representative of what we want and what other girls our age would want too.”