Strengthen the immunity of the facial skin and you will always shine!

One of those words that gets used all the time is immunity. It is something he takes care of. He takes vitamins, walks in the woods, and other activities to maintain and improve immunity.

Did you know that skin has its own immunity?

Instead, skin immunity is part and parcel of the body’s overall immune system.

The skin acts as a barrier between the body and the outside world. It is also a protective function. It is subject to harmful external influences such as toxins, pollution and UV rays. All that must be channelled by the skin to keep it healthy, if at all possible.

What is skin immunity?

Skin immunity refers to the ability of skin to resist infection by pathogens and also to create a physical barrier to prevent infection from the rest of your body.

Additionally, skin has elements of innate immunity and acquired immunity that enable it to fight infections causing pathogens.

The skin is an intricate organ. It serves as the biological, chemical, and microbiological protection barrier for the organism. It is home to a large number of immune cells.

A compromised skin immune system can lead to decreased self-healing power and weak regeneration power.

I know or at least I hope you do a lot to your skin. Someone uses apple cider vinegar on their face. Another person is trying to find ways to include ginger in their diet and beauty routine. Vitamin C is essential for someone who needs it.

It’s the exact same for me. I never thought about my skin immunity. You?

I didn’t think my skin could be weakened and malnourished to the point that it would become more susceptible to all kinds of problems. It wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t.

You may not know, but there are many cosmetic products that target skin immunity.

What causes facial skin immune system impairment?

The skin is first to be affected by chemicals, pollution, and any other external factors. I began by touching my skin with my dirty hands. Then, I went on to touch the UV rays, wind and cold.

Our body is protected by the outer shell, which protects it from various external aggressors, both visible and invisible.

It is therefore important that our skin is strong and healthy. This is precisely why we desire skin immunity.

It’s not just that.

Strong immunity skin is more resilient to aging, wrinkles are less noticeable, the complexion is even, and it is healthier.

A strong skin is beautiful skin. Therefore, when we speak about protecting its immunity, we are referring to another important way to preserve beauty and youth for as long as possible.

What causes skin immune system impairment?

* Too many products can compromise the skin’s immune system. They damage the natural skin envelope and remove beneficial bacteria. Each product can also leave behind trace amounts of toxic chemicals.

* Bad choice of cosmetics and care products. Our unenviable position is due to elections. Beautiful advertisements are a hallmark of brands. The most beautiful women can be seen smiling on their pages. There are no wrinkles or other irregularities. The packaging and scent of their face creams and other products is enough to entice you. But how often do you actually look at the ingredients of skin care products? You can make a commercial, they are there to sell their product. Your job is not to dry your skin but to use natural products that don’t alter its natural pH or disrupt its protective microbiome.

Unhealthy lifestyles can be detrimental to the immune system and skin. The skin’s natural pH and immunity are affected by sleepless nights, alcohol consumption, smoking, excess sun exposure, and food high in unhealthy fats, sugars, and preservatives.

How does the skin’s immune response work?

Our skin is our first defense against bacteria, viruses, microbes, and toxins. These cells protect the skin from environmental stressors such as UV rays, air pollution and other environmental factors. Langerhans cells are located in the epidermis’ upper layer. They detect foreign invaders and alert other cells to activate their immune functions.

Simply put, immune cells “patroll” constantly between skin, lymph nodes, and blood circulation.

As we age, many factors, such as poor diet, stress, and exposure to radiation and pollution can decrease the effectiveness of our protective cells. These irritants can also penetrate skin when Langerhans cells become tired, just as your immune system is vulnerable to germs. Your complexion will suffer.

Here are some ways you can recognize it.

Signs and symptoms of compromised skin immunity

We explained that the skin loses its immunity to external influences and microbes.

This can be manifested as an inclination to inflammation of any kind.

* Dry, itchy skin is a sign that your immunity isn’t the same