Takeoff shooting updates LIVE — Chilling premonition seen in video Quavo released just hours before Migos rapper killed

Migos’ split

Quavo and Takeoff announced a song from their studio album Only Built for Infinity Links that would be released on May 11, 2022.

Music aficionados with keen eyes noted that Offset’s contributions to the album’s advertising were missing.

Offset’s absence from the project sparked reports that the Migos were going to break up.

When the group postponed its appearance at the 2022 Governor’s Ball in June, the rumors persisted.

Around this time, Quavo and Takeoff’s social media accounts were unfollowed by Offset and his wife Cardi B, which sparked new rumors.

On Monday, October 3, Quavo and Takeoff announced they would no longer be performing as the trio for which they were best known. Instead, they would continue as a duo.