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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 6 – 1 2, 2021

There will be no roughing it this week, Bull! If anything, your affinity for comfort and luxury gets a cosmic boost on Monday, September 6, as the year’s only new moon in discerning Virgo lands in your passionate fifth house, awakening your sensuality receptors. You won’t have to look far (or hard) for opportunities to upgrade, which, while pleasurable, can also be expensive! And even though your sometimes-extravagant sign would love to live as if money were no object, you’re still a pragmatic Taurus. But on Monday, the co-rulers of intensifying Scorpio, restless Mars and power-hungry Pluto, are also in cahoots in the most impulsive parts of your chart, which can send self-restraint flying out the window. Focus on simple ways of indulging. Fill your house with colorful, fragrant plants. Cook up a meal that will sate you for days. Instead of online retail therapy, shop your closet!

This new moon can foist you into the public eye. Over the coming six months, you could make a major impact and even become a media sensation. Pour your energy into your passion (or platform) and don’t gloss over your visual presentation. As a Venus-ruled sign, you innately understand how well-lit photos and well-curated graphics can give you a competitive edge.

Romantically, this new moon can reboot your love life. Download a new app—or take a hiatus from digital dating. There’s no better way for a flesh-and-blood-oriented Bull to meet someone who shares your values and interests—AND to discover in short order whether there’s chemistry or not. Attached? This new moon/Mars-Pluto alignment is a perfect launching pad for a fresh chapter together, getting involved in a worthy cause.

Also on Monday, new professional opportunities could arise thanks to a rare alignment of expansive Jupiter in your career corner and the other “benefic,” auspicious Venus, in your sixth house of hard work AND well-being. You can handle a lot, Taurus, so you might not even be cognizant of what excessive work pressures might be doing to your system. Where can you cut back, delegate or just work more efficiently? Regardless of your daily load, your physically-oriented earth sign needs a healthy outlet to work off the stress. But instead of doing the same old routines, mix it up with more fun and challenging activities—perhaps a high-energy dance class or power yoga in the park. Anything that gets the heart pumping and keeps you motivated will work wonders!

Starting on Friday, your focus turns to key relationships as your ruler, amorous Venus, slinks into Scorpio and your partnership realm until October 7. Any union that doesn’t meet Venus’ peace and harmony standards will come up for review. You may have to take the lead in righting things, from renegotiating terms in a business collab to smoothing over any rough patches with bae. Some dynamic duos may undergo dramatic plot twists; others might plunge into the emo depths by taking a significant next step, possibly involving bling or ink. The seventh house is about committed connections, and with Venus here, you’ll crave exclusivity. Of course, this is 2021 and couples get to write their own “terms of engagement.” The only hard-and-fast rule is that said terms are consensual. With the cosmic creatrix in edgy Scorpio, you might be interested in a little playful experimentation. If everyone’s cool with that, feel free to innovate. Just remember, all relationships involve compromise, which doesn’t always come easily to your headstrong sign!

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