Taylor Swift turned down Meghan Markle’s invite to appear on podcast: report

This was a Swift rejection.

Taylor Swift turned down an invite to appear on Meghan Markle’s now-canceled podcast – even after the Duchess of Sussex wrote to the pop star, according to a report.

The snub, reported on by the Wall Street Journal, comes after Spotify and Markle announced they failed to reach an agreement on launching a second season earlier this month.

Markle wrote a personal letter asking Swift to come on the podcast at some point, but the singer declined through a representative, the newspaper reported.

The Wall Street Journal report detailed how Markle and her husband Prince Harry have struggled successfully producing shows and content for Netflix from their production company Archewell.

The pair’s Los Angeles-based business hasn’t struck gold outside of leaning on their own stories, the Journal reported.

The "Archetypes" was canceled after an agreement could be met between the Dutches's and the streaming giant.
The “Archetypes” was canceled after an agreement could be met between the Duchess and the streaming giant.

Among their failed projects included an animated children’s show called “Pearl” that was canceled by Netflix, people familiar with the project told the newspaper. At least two other show ideas the past year were also reportedly rejected.

Netflix doesn’t plan to renew Harry and Meghan’s deal, which runs through 2025, the people told the Journal. 

Both Spotify and Netflix have been struck by the couple’s lack of productivity, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with their perspective.  

Taylor Swift performed to a sold out crowd at US Bank Stadium In Minneapolis June 23rd.
Taylor Swift performs in front of a sold-out crowd at US Bank Stadium In Minneapolis on June 23rd, 2023.

Meghan Markle during a taping of her Spotify podcast "Archetypes."
Meghan Markle during a taping of her Spotify podcast “Archetypes.”

Shows floated by Harry and Meghan appeared too similar to already successful hits on Netflix, and were turned down by Netflix, the newspaper reported.

Harry’s memoir, “Spare” was a resounding success, as was the documentary produced that appeared on Netflix about the couple’s break-up with the Royal Family. 

“New companies often make changes in their start up phase, both with people and strategy, and we are no exception,” an Archewell spokesperson told the Journal. “We’re more equipped, focused and energized than ever before.”

A Netflix spokesperson reportedly said the company valued its partnership with Archewell and would keep working on projects together.