The 10 Best Designer Bags for Work That Are So Stylish

In just a few years, the workplace has completely transformed. Some of us are fully working from home, others going in just a few times a week, and some visit an office space every single day. But no matter which of the above situations describes you best, you know what I mean when I say you need a really great bag at all times. Despite the fact that I work from home 80% of the time, my work bags are the most used items in my closet getting ten times the wear of anything else.

Running to meetings, working out of coffee shops, or even busy weekends and flights call for a good work bag. So you best believe, I made sure to pick a few good ones for my collection. However, I feel like it’s always in need of more. While both my black and deep green work bags do a lot for me, I’ve been craving a few more to add to the mix so this roundup is long overdue.

Whether you travel to work with a laptop by your side or not, you’ll benefit by taking a look at the below bags that will certainly come in handy as we continue to spend more and more time out and about. I spent all week browsing the internet and can assure you that the below 10 picks are the best out there. So have at it.