The 11 Best Highlighters for Darker Skin Tones

We know the power of a good highlighter better than anyone. It can breathe new life into a minimally made-up face or be the cherry on top of a full beat. With so many options (pressed powder, liquid, and cream options) on the market, you’d think selecting the right highlighter would be as simple as picking something up at Sephora. However, if you have Black or Brown skin, you know it isn’t that easy. Although makeup brands have come a long way, I can’t tell you how many highlighters don’t really show up on my skin tone (even if they claim to be “universal”). Because of this, I decided to call in an expert. Beauty mogul and renowned makeup artist Danessa Myricks provided much-needed insight into the matter. 

Everything you need to know about highlighter shopping for Black and Brown skin tones is below. Keep scrolling!