The 23 Best Raincoats for Women That Are So Stylish

I’ve been caught in an NYC storm without a proper raincoat or an umbrella too many times, and I’ll never be making that mistake again. As much as I wish I could stay home every time there’s a rainy day, my schedule says otherwise. I’ve learned my lesson— Whether it’s a slight drizzle in the spring or a heavy cold rainy night in the winter, it’s important to have a reliable raincoat in your closet. I’ve finally secured my search for the right raincoat, and I’m sharing the recommendations with you. 

Although it’s an essential item, I found that there weren’t a ton of stylish options available for a quick search. After doing a deep dive, I rounded up ten of the best to shop in different categories and price points. You’ll find the perfect lightweight trenchcoat to wear to work, or the heavy-duty jacket to pack on that outdoor weekend trip. Keep scrolling to find your pick of my favorite raincoats on the market.