The 33 Best Holiday Gifts From Nordstrom For 2023

As you can probably remember, the collective online shopping marketplace hasn’t always been as saturated as it is now. Having lots of choices can certainly be a positive thing, but it can also be a negative one—especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by holiday gift-giving. One solution is to do all of your gift shopping in one place, which is very much possible thanks to Nordstrom’s vast inventory of gifts.

I do the majority of my gift shopping on Nordstrom, and I’m guessing that since you’re here, you’re not opposed to doing the same. That said, it’s not like shopping for gifts on Nordstrom isn’t also overwhelming—there are thousands of items to choose from. So, I spent several hours narrowing all of the options down to 33 extra-special gems. Scroll on to get a head start on your holiday shopping for everyone on your list, with the help of an admittedly picky