The 5 Biggest Beauty Trends of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week usually delivers a well-balanced beauty diet, and this season, said menu was personalized. Though trends born of media (both mass and social) permeated artists’s approach to hair and makeup, the details were tailored, in part, to the wearer, with an aim to enhance natural attributes and energy. 

From earthly (see makeup artist Diane Kendal’s cadre at Khaite) to otherworldly (see Isamaya Ffrench for Thom Browne, who gave the makeup artist full license to create), fall 2023’s looks spanned aesthetic realities, merging over-the-top application with barely-there finishes to at times startling effect. The result was a beauty buffet that both appealed to innate tastes and supplied enough charisma to encourage us all to sample something new. Here, five hair and makeup trends that defined New York Fashion Week, the official foray into fashion month.

The Wednesday Effect

The release of Netflix’s Wednesday in late November came with a want of polished goth to which no one is immune—including the artists behind fall 2023’s runway looks. Slightly sinister “goth fairy beauty” beauty reigned at Rodarte, with various takes on exaggerated siren eyes paired with noir lips and nails, Sandy Liang, with accessories (hello, snoods) and moody pouts, and at Batsheva, where a few eccentric details felt directly referential. 

The Molten Metallics