The 7 Best Jeans for Women Over 40, Hands Down

There are certain style setters we consistently turn to for timeless yet directional fashion inspiration. Naturally, women over 40 are at the top of that list. Because when you think about it, those in this specific group just seem to get it given their experience with curating a well-balanced wardrobe. To that, when we recently tapped stylish ladies over 40 to fill us in on the going-out basics they wear on repeat, cool jeans came up as an absolute must. So we thought we’d dive into this subject matter a bit more.

To uncover that further intel on the general denim trends women over 40 swear by, we chatted with a range of fashionable and inspirational women in the age bracket for their expert opinions. With that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the specific jeans cuts the women in question will never stop wearing for nights out, the office, and everywhere in between. But remember age is literally just a number (and you should wear whatever you want, no matter when your birthday falls), so all of the denim trends below could really work for anyone.