The Best—and Worst—Dressed From And Just Like That’s “Met Ball” Episode

And Just Like That… we’re back for season two! Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and the rest of the gang are officially back on our television screens as the first two episodes of the hit Max series’s second season dropped today. Episode one kicked things off on a particularly stylish note: The plot centers around some of the characters attending the glitzy “Met Ball” in New York City—a nod to the annual real-life Met Gala, which is one of the most exclusive and star-studded red carpets in the world. 

In the episode, Carrie, Charlotte, Seema, and Lisa are all attending the Met Ball and stressing over what they will wear. Carrie is planning on wearing a new, hot up-and-coming designer, who happens to be the wife of one of her podcast producers. Lisa is sporting custom Valentino. The theme of event is “Veiled Beauty”—meaning, guests are encouraged to incorporate a veil into their look in some capacity. Along the way, there’s some entertaining fashion misshapes of course. Carrie’s custom design goes very wrong, forcing her to find a last-minute backup; Lisa forgets to book a carrier van, forcing her to walk to the Met. (Very Timothée Chalamet of her.) It wouldn’t be the Met Gala without some drama! 

In honor of the fashion-filled episode, Vogue is rating all of the “Met Ball” looks below—a “0” rating meaning it was traumatizing, and a “5” rating meaning it slayed. The question is: Which was your favorite outfit?

Carrie’s revived Vivienne Westwood gown

Photo: Courtesy of Max