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“Let me try you on,” a raspy voice breathes from the shadows, as we creep through the dilapidated corridors of the abandoned Niwa hotel – knowing that the creature which uttered the words could be waiting around the next corridor. Yet we know, from the hours already spent with The Medium, that this creature, the Maw, won’t simply jump out on me – that would be too easy. Instead, we’ll stumble upon it in the next room, its sheer appearance alone, combined with its intent to wear me like a glove, enough to send shivers down my spine. But we can’t even be sure that will happen, this isn’t a game that’s easy to predict.

And that’s the beauty of Bloober Team’s The Medium. It never feels the need to inundate you with jump scares, which soon lose their impact, or to throw every horror cliché in the book at you from the word “go”. Instead, the tension is built slowly and deliberately. When you think you know what to expect from this psychological thriller, the formula is changed up once again creating a constant sense of unease.

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