The Palace Clarifies Why Meghan and Harry’s Kids Archie and Lilibet Haven’t Had Royal Titles Changed Yet

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, September 8, a great deal changed immediately for the royal family. Many of their titles switched, most notably with the succession of King Charles III. Prince William and Kate Middleton became the Prince and Princess of Wales, leaving behind being the Cambridges. While Prince Harry and Meghan remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their children Archie and Lilibet have been elevated.

The children, aged three and one, are now technically a Prince and a Princess as well since their grandfather ascended the throne. According to Hello! Magazine, these rules were established by King George V in 1917 and they made it official that children of the son of a sovereign may use a his or her royal highness title “should they wish.”

The children are a bit too young to wish either way, but people have still been wondering why their title has not been update on the royal website though the Wales’ had their names changed. William and Kate’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were also listed as “of Wales,” just like mom and dad. Archie and Lilibet are still considered “Master” and “Miss” on the site.

On Saturday, the King’s spokesman said in a statement that their names will be updated “as and when we get information.”

The information that allowed Kate and William and their family to have updated titles came from the monarch himself, who announced in a speech that they would be the Prince and Princess of Wales. In the same speech, he expressed his love for Harry and Meghan, but did not mention titles.

The spokesperson continued, “While the website was updated for the Waleses, clearly updating love on a website doesn’t quite work so we’ve not quite done that but clearly he does love them. We will be working through updating the website as and when we get information.”

He did not confirm or deny that Archie and Lilibet were entitled to their titles whatever language the King uses while addressing the nation, only adding, “At the moment, we’re focused on the next 10 days and as and when we get information, we will update that website.”