These 5 Underwear Brands Are Worth Every Penny

I’ve always had a thing for underwear. I love collecting pretty lingerie pieces and have tried so many different brands to find the perfect everyday pair of underwear. Something about it just feels so girly and fun. When looking for a pair of underwear to wear every day, I’m the type of person who gravitates toward something seamless and body-hugging. The most important thing is to hide panty lines and find a fabric that feels comfortable and doesn’t irritate my skin.

When shopping for lingerie I’m a huge satin and lace fan (anything with dainty details or that looks like it would be in the closet of a princess, I’m into). Color-wise, while black is always a good choice, I recommend sprinkling in some color but, a great skin-tone pair of panties is also a must. Of all of the underwear brands that I’ve tried, check all of my boxes. 

Keep scrolling to see which underwear brands are in my top five.