These 8 Fall Outfits Are Comprised Solely of Elevated Basics

One of the best questions to ask fashion people is, What is your favorite season to dress for? The reason is that the answer is quite predictable. Nine times out of 10, you’ll hear them unanimously agree on a simple four-letter word—fall. And why do fashion people love fall so much? Most people in the Western world refer to the start of a new year as January, but for us, that would be September. Fashion is reborn during that month, and it is truly a time for new beginnings. But more importantly, fashion people love fall because it is the time when layering hits its peak, and styling an outfit becomes a lot more fun. 

The best way to get the layered look is to rely on a collection of expertly curated elevated basics that can be worn in infinite ways. Below, you’ll find looks that make a case for investing in a new denim jacket or picking up the $5 white tank top that you’ll find yourself wearing every day. Your layering journey begins now.