This Is How Goldie Hawn Looks and Feels So Great at 76

If laughing through life keeps you young, then Goldie Hawn may live forever. But, in addition to her sense of levity, it seems that the star favors a few other self-care tricks in her daily life. Hawn took to Instagram this week to share her (effusive) exercise regimen. Surprise: It prioritizes fun.

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To begin, Hawn took to her trampoline, bouncing with her arms in the air to benefit her lymph system and her heart. (If you aren’t lucky enough to own a trampoline, Hawn notes that jumping without one works just as well.) Next, wine weights offered a relatable stand-in for barbells, her lifting followed by an all-important stroll outside.

“If you don’t want to walk forward, you can always walk backward, because when you walk backward you’re using a whole different part of your brain—It’s amazing!” says Hawn. “The only thing you have to wonder is if there are any cars coming.”

Yoga with a heavy dose of gratitude wrapped the routine, the entire video reminding us that wellness need not be such a serious, complicated matter. Grab a wine bottle and get outside! You’re already well on your way to Goldie Hawn-approved health.