This Ugly-Chic Shoe Has Taken Over Fashion Week

As many a fashion editor can attest, finding the right shoe for fashion week can feel like a hero’s journey. Comfort is important—a bulk of the day is spent traveling from show location to show location—but so is individualistic flair. This season, the fashion world seems to be collectively gathering around one functional but standout shoe: the J.W. Anderson x Wellipets Frog Clog. The kidcore wellingtons, which were famously worn by Princess Diana’s toddlers in the 90s, are comforting in more ways than one. They feature a functional waterproof rubber body and bulging frog eyes. The shoe’s fashion week appeal makes sense. It’s the perfect dose of whimsy during a day full of presentations, coffee, fast write-ups, air-kisses, and whatnot.

The shoes are best dressed down. Think with breezy and below-the-knee length pleated shorts, billowy tees, colorful shirts, and white calf socks, as illustrated by wearers of the shoe captured at Milan and Paris Fashion Week recently. Of course, one could also lean into the style codes of a young Prince Harry and Prince William by donning blue pants, a newsboy cap, and a raincoat.

This season, fashion week has been heavily dotted with look-at-me shoes. The MSCHF boot—resembling something ripped straight out of Astro Boy’s world—has been seen on a number of insiders jetting from show to show. New models of the buzzy piece are popping up, too. Rapper Tommy Cash wore a previously unseen MSCHF and Crocs Big Yellow Boot collaboration. And, on the runway, some G.I. Joe flavored camo-prints boots were mainstays of Pharrell’s debut collection at Louis Vuitton men’s.

It seems that childish dressing, with grown-up pricing and craftsmanship, is a fast-emerging trend.

Getty Images