Tips for organizing your linen closet


First, take everything out of the closet and divide the items by category: sheet sets, towels, pillows, etc. Wipe down all the shelves. Then, count the number and type of beds in your home. You should have two sets of sheets for each bed, and possibly one or two extra sets for emergencies and/or inflatable beds. If you have extra pieces that don’t belong to matching sets or that you no longer use, gather them for donation to a pet shelter or an organization that helps families in need. If they are stained, ripped or fraying, don’t donate them. Toss them out or cut them into rags. Next, inventory your towels. Keep two sets of towels per person and two sets of guest towels. Extra towels, including worn-out beach towels, can be donated to your local animal shelter or rescue organization, or they can be used to mop up spills and water leaks or for cleaning or pets.