TV tonight: Greg Davies is back in his pop quizmaster chair | Television

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

9pm, Sky Max

While the revived comedy music quiz can never match its Mark Lamarr and Simon Amstell BBC Two heydays, nobody can dispute that host Greg Davies and team captains Noel Fielding and Daisy May Cooper are some of the best talent around to give it a go. In the first episode of the new series, guests Nile Rodgers, Russell Howard, Mae Muller and regular panellist Jamali Maddix are on top form to play their best games. Hollie Richardson


9pm, BBC One

“I’m sorry, Jimmy, but we have to play by the rules.” As series seven reaches its climax, Rhona Kelly (Julie Graham) appeals to Jimmy Perez’s (Douglas Henshall) better judgment where confessions are concerned. But with Lerwick’s increasingly desperate killer still at large, a chemical-laden truck could lead police straight to the culprit. Danielle De Wolfe

Days That Shook the BBC With David Dimbleby

9pm, BBC Two

The series rehashing notable BBC slip-ups and scandals concludes by looking at the corporation’s sometimes rocky relationship with its audience. On the docket: Russell Brand’s snide voicemails, “treasonous” coverage of the Falklands war, and vile racist Nick Griffin being invited on to Dimbleby’s own Question Time. Graeme Virtue


9.45pm, Sky Max

Cardi (Tom Hanson) walks his new greyhound, “Arson Fire”, aka Martin, at the races.
Beat that … Cardi (Tom Hanson) with his new greyhound, “Arson Fire”, aka Martin. Photograph: Ben Blackall/Sky UK

The lairy comedy about likable layabouts continues, with Vinnie (Joe Gilgun) and the gang attempting to return retired greyhound Arson Fire to his former glory. This caper soon spirals out of control, necessitating a stressful sauna parley with local heavies the MacDonagh brothers. GV

Christopher Eccleston Remembers – Our Friends in the North

10pm, BBC Four

Peter Flannery’s 1996 epic is rightly considered one of the finest TV series of all time. This is a very personal reflection as Eccleston looks back on the drama that helped make his name. The actor has expressed a desire to return to this story, as its themes of idealism and disappointment still feel so relevant. Phil Harrison

The Great

11.05pm, Channel 4

A scene near the end of this episode will make you splutter, gasp and laugh all at once, while mildly aroused – it is this show at its best. Before that, Catherine (Elle Fanning) has a classic problem: her visiting mother (Gillian Anderson) is a somewhat divisive presence in the household. Jack Seale

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