TV tonight: Ross Kemp is a dodgy copper in a new CCTV thriller series | Television


9pm, Channel 5

Ross Kemp is a rubbish, “put out to pasture” copper in this four-part thriller. He is accused of being corrupt by CCTV surveillance worker Hannah (Beth Alsbury), who – a year after witnessing a fatal attack – goes to the police when she thinks she sees the attacker commit another crime in the local area’s CCTV blindspot. Hollie Richardson

Bake Off: The Professionals

8pm, Channel 4

“I’m from Bolton; we’re all flamboyant up there!” Andy and Raf are just one team tackling a perfect opéra aux fruits in the latest series of the competition that puts the nation’s best patissiers to the test. Their second challenge involves a show-stopping banoffee pie. Ellie Taylor is Liam Charles’s enthusiastic new co-host, while Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden are back to judge harshly. HR

Love Your Garden

8.30pm, ITV1

Alan Titchmarsh pitches up in Grantham, where a couple in their 70s who have fostered more than 150 vulnerable children in a 45-year caring career more than deserve a backyard revamp. Winding paths, an old romantic vibe and Alan being clever with a shed contribute to a tear-soaked final reveal. Jack Seale

Cooking With the Stars

9pm, ITV1

Chris “if they don’t like it, they just don’t have the tastebuds” Eubank and Joanna “the majority of my cooking comes in a packet” Page are a couple of the eight culinarily challenged celebrities in this ultimate food-fight competition. But first, Peter Andre tries something more adventurous than the usual frozen pizza. HR

The Apprentice Australia

9pm, BBC Three

What does Lord Sugar value more in an apprentice: scrupulous fair-dealing, or a cold-blooded competitive streak? If you don’t know by now – after umpteen series of the reality competition’s various iterations – then you’re in the same position as the five remaining celebrity candidates heading back to the boardroom after this week’s advertising challenge. Ellen E Jones

A Black Lady Sketch Show

10pm, Sky Comedy

The season finale sees a guide to navigating corporate Juneteenth and a hammy work-wife drama. But this week’s greatest moment comes when two rival gangs, led by Issa Rae and Tracee Ellis Ross, battle over a double-booked meeting space in a tech office. Hannah Verdier

Film choice

Ben Foster grimacing in yellow jersey on the bike, in The Program.
In it to win it … Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong in The Program. Photograph: Allstar/StudioCanal

The Program (Stephen Frears, 2015), 11:15pm, BBC Two
Any film that dramatises Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace will always suffer in comparison with the palpable hurt of Alex Gibney’s documentary The Armstrong Lie. That said, Stephen Frears does a great job with The Program. Ben Foster’s Armstrong is a desperate character, determined to cling on to his form, his reputation and his version of the truth – until it tears him apart. Most damningly, his Armstrong doesn’t work alone. He has a whole machine installed to enable his cheating. You cannot watch it without asking how he got away with it for so long. Stuart Heritage

Prisoner’s Daughter (Catherine Hardwicke, 2022), Prime Video
Anyone missing the fire and spit of Logan Roy will find just a little of that in this, the first Brian Cox project released since the end of Succession. Once again, Cox finds himself playing a very bad father – of Kate Beckinsale, no less – who vows to treat his release from jail as an opportunity to put things right for good. Directed by Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke, Prisoner’s Daughter lacks the acid whack of Cox in full pomp, but the two leads elevate the material far more than a pair of lesser actors would. SH