Victoria Beckham And Mia Regan Give Vogue An Exclusive First Look At Their Vintage-Inspired Denim Collection

“Victoria and I have always been in conversation about fashion,” says Mia Regan. She’s referring, of course, to Victoria Beckham, with whom –  as a rising model and an influential dresser herself – Mia has always had lots to talk about. It was last year, when Victoria suggested a louche pair of trousers in one of her collections be named after Mia, who “loves a baggy fit”, that the idea of a collaboration first came up. 

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” adds Mia, who was given full creative freedom to design the six-piece denim capsule, which launches on October 27th on Victoria’s dedicated e-commerce site and her flagship on Dover Street. “I felt that [Victoria] really trusted me”, she says. “To see her in full work mode was cool.”

Mia made sure there was a perfect pair of baggy jeans in the collection. 

Eoin Greally

For Victoria, the capsule collection was an “exciting way to bring [Mia’s] signature Gen-Z flair” to her eponymous brand. “Mia has always had a unique approach to fashion and styling,” she tells British Vogue. “I love that she’s fun and not afraid to try new things when it comes to her personal style, which is reflected in the capsule.”

The collection is made up of “easy denim silhouettes” that have all been given “Mia’s fashion-forward touch”, Victoria explains. Focusing on denim was a natural decision, given that it’s key to both women’s wardrobes. “Denim has been a constant in my wardrobe since I was a little girl. It’s so practical and versatile!” says Victoria. Mia, who first met Victoria through the designer’s son, Romeo Beckham, is in agreement: “The thing I love the most about denim is that it’s so versatile.” 

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Mia Regan x VB denim jacket

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Mia Regan x VB Sailor jeans

Victoria had a hand in the process, but left it up to Mia to bring the ideas they discussed to life. “I wanted to stay really authentic to myself,” Mia explains. The 19-year-old was in New York for fashion week when she learned the collaboration was going ahead, and immediately set out to find inspiration. Her first stop? The thrift store Goodwill – one of her go-to shopping destinations when she’s in the US – where she found a retro denim jacket. The bell-sleeved jacket, together with the worn-in vintage denim in her own wardrobe, and hand-me-downs from her mum, inform the nostalgic silhouettes in the collection. 

Mia created her own logo for the capsule. 

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It includes a plain white tank top to pair with the ’90s-inspired jeans. 

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After bouncing ideas around in initial design meetings with Victoria, Mia made a trip to the factory in Italy earlier this year to see the first samples. “It was an experimental process,” explains Mia of the splicing and reworking that took place during her time with the team. She describes absorbing their terminology, as she flipped through swatches and asked questions, as one of her highlights of the trip. To ensure her denim stands out from other styles on the market, Mia paid careful attention to finer details, incorporating colorful pink and yellow stitching, leather patches and her own logo. “They’re like little Easter eggs,” she smiles. “The whole project gave me a lot of confidence.”

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Mia Regan x VB upcycled cotton tank top

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Mia Regan x VB Carpenter jeans

Mia struggles to name a favourite piece (“I love every one of them and will protect them with my life!”), but she will say the stone-wash puddle flare jeans and waistcoat have a finish that’s unlike anything else she owns. “You can wear them all at once or one piece at a time,” she says proudly. “In the summer or the winter.”

Victoria is just as thrilled with the results of the young model’s efforts. “This capsule is so entirely Mia,” she says. “And I love that.” 

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Mia Regan x VB denim waistcoat

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Mia Regan x VB denim waistcoat

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