Watch Model Paloma Elsesser Get Ready For Vogue World

Getting ready for a runway show is a full day task—which model Paloma Elsesser graciously showed Vogue cameras as she prepared for her megawatt appearance in Vogue World, the magazine’s NYFW celebration of its 130th anniversary and runway event meets street fair.

The day begins with Elsesser touching up her hair and reflecting on the busy schedule of the previous day. “You know I did five fittings, and a show yesterday, and I fell,” she shares. She takes some time to fuel up and also reflect on the unique pressures of being a curve model in the industry. “I did know going into shows that my position was important and necessary,” she says. The model reveals there is careful consideration behind some of her actions. “I don’t know if anyone’s noticed—but I never have two looks in a show. I won’t accept two looks in a show. Why have two looks when you can put a second look on a girl who’s also curve?”

Then it’s off to the Vogue World venue! In the car, Elsesser reflects on getting her big break: appearing a campaign for the launch of makeup artist Pat McGrath’s makeup line. “I was one of Pat’s very first muses,” she says. “Love you mother.”

Backstage at Vogue World, which took place in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, Elsesser takes time to chat with Vogue’s Anna Wintour and model Lila Moss (to whom she delivers news of her fall the previous night). Then the model and activists practices her walk and gives us some vital tips: Walk straight down. Engage the crowd. Shoulders back.

Nightfall arrives and Elsesser changes into her outfit for the show: a silver dress with a fit that she describes as “waist is sitting, titties sitting.” She delivers a memorable walk, and then finds time to dance along to Lil Nas X’s performance of “Industry Baby” afterwards. “That was so fun!” the model says of the action-packed experience.

Watch how Palaoma Elsesser got ready for Vogue World in the clip above.

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