Welcome To Fangirl Fall: Football Merch Is Fashion Now

Per tradition, 2022 brought forth a chaotic salad of sartorial trends: coastal grandmother, Barbiecore, Horse Girl. We saw leather trenches, Hawaiian shirts, Western boots (welcome palate cleansers on the heels of the stubborn, lingering prairie dress phenomenon). And while the new year is, indeed, fast approaching, there’s still ample time for yet another sartorial obsession to take hold.

On that note, allow us to introduce you to “fancore,” an answer to the delicacy of the whole balletcore phenomenon. It’s the less dainty, cold weather-appropriate, athletics-inspired moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s democratic: designed for the tried and true football loyalists and the less, umm, committed spectators. Consider the timing at hand: Football season is looming. Inevitably, there will be games to watch and teams to stan. And if you plan on screening any football this season — or being in the general vicinity of other people who are committed to football spectatorship — you might as well seize the sartorial opportunity therein. We’re talking vintage team tees, classic dad hats, beanies, and oversized coach jackets.

So, in service of your impending Fangirl Fall, we’ve culled together the trendiest NFL merch on the market. Whether you’re heading to a tailgate, or the club, rest assured that you’re spearheading a fashion movement in the process. As the old adage goes: clear eyes, cute tops, can’t lose.


Philadelphia Eagles NFL Earring Set

If you’re going for subtlety, give your team a quiet shoutout by way of your earlobe adornment. Mix up your classic ear-scape and introduce some NFL-branded studs or dangling hoops into the mix, because fandom can be elegant, too.

BaubleBar Philadelphia Eagles NFL Earring Set, $, available at NFL Shop


Women’s WEAR Cropped Sponge Hoodie

Few fashion dilemmas are quite so relatable as the struggle to find weather-appropriate going-out tops. So if you don’t feel like rocking bulky knitwear on the dance floor, opt for a cropped NFL hoodie instead. It’s warm, it’s sporty, and it’s a given that strangers will talk football at you while you wear it.

NFL Shop WEAR Black Cropped Sponge Fleece Pullover, $, available at NFL Shop


2022 Sideline 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

You’re no stranger to the whole dad hat phenomenon — but this season, we’re mixing things up a bit with a classic fitted hat. Lean into the old school shtick and leave your authentication sticker on the brim (can’t have folks thinking you’re sporting a knock-off).

NFL 2022 Sideline 59FIFTY Fitted, $, available at NFL Shop


Tommy Hilfiger Varsity Stripe Rugby Polo

Menswear has been trending for some time now: Oversized oxfords, blazers, slacks. Repurpose the look for the cozier months with a vintage, collegiate-inspired team logo rugby shirt. We assure you: It’s the new band tee.

NFL Shop Tommy Hilfiger Varsity Stripe Rugby Polo, $, available at NFL Shop


2022 Cold Weather Pom Knit

We’re expecting a major pom-pom renaissance this winter — but regardless of your sentiments on the pom revival, a beanie is a cold-weather must. So, for the sake of versatility, rather than repping a major fashion house, swap your go-to designer logo for that of your local sports team.

New Era 2022 Cold Weather Pom Knit Hat, $, available at NFL Shop


M&N Galaxy Full-Zip Windbreaker

Tie-dye has made quite the comeback since your summer camp days of yore. So right now, as an homage to your team of choice, forgo your plain, standard-issue tee and rock your tie-dye in the form of an NFL-emblazoned zip-up windbreaker.

NFL Shop Mitchell & Ness Red Galaxy Full-Zip Windbreaker Hoodie, $, available at NFL Shop


Mitchell & Ness Red/Black Big Face Pullover Sweatshirt

We’ve been watching major designers make use of the patchwork trend for years — so why not apply the quilting ethos to your football apparel? This Mitchell & Ness sweatshirt fuses together disparate team logos for your perfect fan-forward stitch-work outer layer.

NFL Mitchell & Ness Red/Black Big Face Pullover Sweatshirt, $, available at NFL Shop


Mitchell & Ness Head Coach Pullover Hoodie

Fashion has always been about embracing a strategic high-low ratio…so why not start with a classic varsity coach hoodie? This quintessential Mitchell & Ness pullover is just begging for a blazer and an over-the-knee boot.

Mitchell & Ness Mitchell & Ness Yellow/Red Head Coach Pullover Hoodie, $, available at NFL Shop


Homage Titans Nashville Hot Chicken T-Shirt

Long live the reign of the graphic tee. But seriously, in the time since your Delia’s Catalog Era, the graphic tee has made leaps and bounds. And right now, few iterations are as beloved as the classic unisex fit shirt, complete with a localized “hometown” logo.

NFL Homage Titans Nashville Hot Chicken T-Shirt, $, available at NFL Shop


NFL x Staple Quarter-Zip Pullover Jacket

This particular (waterproof) layer is giving us ’80s windbreaker-meets-après-ski energy — and for that reason, it’s just the right layer to keep you warm throughout the holidays. Depending on the *vibe* you’re going for, the shell can skew equal parts basic and maximalist.

NFL NFL x Staple Quarter-Zip Pullover Jacket, $, available at NFL Shop


CeeDee Lamb Dallas Cowboys Nike Jersey

An oversized jersey is one of those things that simply will never go out of style. It represents fandom, utility — and it’ll pair well with everything from a mini skirt to leggings to your heat-tech turtleneck.

NFL CeeDee Lamb Dallas Cowboys Nike Jersey, $, available at NFL Shop

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