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Were 2021 Met Gala Red Carpet Looks Really American?

Without cloaking oneself in stars and stripes, the abovementioned ensembles successfully made reference to the U S of A. But American fashion is about more than blue jeans, Marilyn Monroe, and gowns that telegraph your political beliefs. It’s a mix of a million different things and countless provenances, just as its people come from all over the world. Fashion historian and assistant curator at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Darnell Jamal Lisby, agrees that the spectacle, however baffling at first, was more successful than predicted. “American fashion is so broad,” he tells Refinery29, following Monday night’s Met Gala red carpet. “It’s supposed to be a wide range of perspectives because American fashion is not one thing.” According to Lisby, that’s the beauty of this theme: “It would be different if we were talking about the McQueen exhibition, where if you weren’t wearing McQueen, that would be a problem. With this year’s theme, you can do pretty much anything, because American fashion doesn’t or shouldn’t have rules.” 

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