What a Hostess at a New York City Hotspot Wears in a Week

Today is a big day. I have a big meeting, and all I can concentrate on is the blaring afro beats from the dispensary attached directly to my bedroom wall at 9 a.m. Typically when I first wake up, I ask myself what I will wear. Still, in bed, I imagine what I want my theme to be for the day. I run through what colors I want to wear and how they will match my shoes. I always feel I never have enough shoes. Don’t we all?

Next, I move on to tops. When I have an idea of some skeleton of the outfit, I wake up fully. I allow myself the freedom to play with different pants with the top and color theme I already picked out. Regarding accessories, I have my everyday rings, which can go with silver or gold. So again more flexibility with whatever necklaces, earrings, or belts I wear. But, my sleep was cut short. So, no usual detailed summarization of my outfit. I’ll have to wing it.

Let’s start with something fun. I’m a fun girl, and I want that to come across. Nothing sends the message clearer than a corset. Mark my words! Let’s do my vintage black scalloped corset with cream flower embroidery. Hot. My color theme seems to be heading towards black, brown, and cream. How do I make it a moment? My brown ombre trousers! I already know ‘’m wearing my long platform black boots. They are Naked Wolfe dupes and a staple in my closet. She will definitely make a reappearance.

I have this Club Monaco long-line vest with gold buttons that would look delicious. The vest has a fantastic silhouette that falls into the waist of the corset. The finishing touches are my hexagon gold and black sunglasses (very much giving Versace) and the usual suspects of my ring collection and dainty necklaces. Oh! And Miss Juicy Couture bracelet dangling like perfection on my wrist. I look in the mirror and can only utter, “wow.” My outfit and I are ready for this meeting, but is this meeting prepared for me and my outfit?