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What you need to know about Baku, Azerbaijan before arriving


Solidly located in Western Asia and sharing borders Russia and Iran, Baku, Azerbaijan does not initially sound like a dream tourist destination. Here’s what to do in Baku, what I wish I knew before arriving, and what to avoid in Baku.

Baku is what might happen if Istanbul and Singapore had a baby.

It’s not as large as Istanbul (15 million) or Singapore (5.6 million), but Baku’s 2.2 million residents live in a city where chaos meets order head-on. One minute you’re walking on a wide sidewalk, using surprisingly well-appointed underground pedestrian walkways, the next you’re on a street where a block of cars are all double-parked and traffic is at a standstill as a result. Construction changes more than a few patterns, and roads / areas that seem well-built for loads of traffic barely have any.

Things are changing. Fast.

This post is a snapshot of a fast-moving city, written in June 2019 based on a week-long visit in the same month.

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