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When V and Jungkook’s answers to the same question proved that they are like chalk and cheese

If you are someone who is interested in knowing how the BTS boys are in real life, we have got just the right thing for you. During a fansign event, BTS‘s V and Jungkook were asked the same question but their responses proved that they were quite different from each other. Also Read – From surprise guests to the ’13th song’: BTS members dish out Permission To Dance concert SPOILERS for ARMY!

The question was about their skills. V revealed that he was good at saying affectionate things in a sexy voice. It shows that he has a deep voice. On the other hand, answering the same question, Jungkook revealed that he is better at saying sexy things in a more gentle and affectionate voice. It shows that he has a warm personality. It seems he can the sexiest things unabashedly. Also Read – These are BTS’ Jungkook’s Top 4 dance practice videos that ARMY can never get enough of

V now has an INFP personality type. It is also known as the “mediator” personality type. It suggests that he has become more introverted and needs some time to recharge his energy by being on his own. INFPs are also known for their creativity and imagination, often losing themselves in their own daydreams. Also Read – BTS LIVE: From ‘Yoongi marry me’ to Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook touching each others’ abs – ARMY is going crazy over septet’s impromptu live

They are also hopeless romantics and search for their soul mates. Now, we don’t know yet if V is looking for a soulmate. They are also passionate about finding their life purpose, open-minded to new ideas, and driven to make the world a better place. Well, that’s great and it seems he has become more mature. People with this personality type are empathetic and have deep relationships with loved ones. They can have “profound emotional responses to music, art, nature, and the people around them”.

As you might be aware, Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS and he made his group debut in the band when he was 15.

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