Who What Wear Podcast: Nell Diamond

Did you think it was going to be the sensation that it has been?

We launched The Nap Dress in 2019, and the business started in 2016. The first couple of years of the business were really focused on very low and slow growth. Really being profitable, being responsible, finding out what our unique product market fit was. That involved a lot of testing of new products.

With The Nap Dress, in particular, we launched it I think it was June 2019. I was totally not expecting this. Totally beyond not expecting this, and I am the biggest planner. I love an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve got my Google Calendar all filled up. I need to know what I’m doing in like 10 minute increments, but at the same time, I always joke that we like to leave a little bit of room for Jesus.

We want to see what happens. Let things live a little bit in the world. With The Nap Dress, we got the prototypes. I was obsessed. Beyond obsessed.

I knew what this product was going to mean for me in my life. At the same time, I think I was rational enough to know that it could just be me. If people don’t like it, that’s fine, because I’ll figure out a way to make a small enough quantity that me and three other girls in my office we’re gonna wear it and that doesn’t matter if nobody else likes it.

Then we launched it. For the next about two years, every single time we dropped new Nap Dresses, they sold out.

It was definitely a very exciting and humbling next couple of years as the news of the dress traveled on its own.