Why Tom Brady threw tablet in Buccaneers’ win over Saints

Tom Brady is no friend to the Microsoft Surface.

The 45-year-old quarterback was captured on the sidelines chucking a tablet at the ground during the Buccaneers’ 20-10 victory over the Saints on Sunday – far from the first time Brady has abused a piece of technology on the football field. And on Monday’s episode of his “Let’s Go!” podcast, he attempted to explain the incident, stating he was “pissed off” throughout the intense matchup against New Orleans.

Tom Brady during the Bucs' game against the Saints
Tom Brady during the Bucs’ game against the Saints
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“I’ve had a pretty bad record against that tablet, unfortunately. I think I forgot the password and I couldn’t log in, so those things can be frustrating. Unfortunately, the tablet just happens to get in the way, and obviously that’s the reason things weren’t going great yesterday, so I had to take it out on the poor, meaningless tablet,” Brady joked.

“I’m trying to make sure I don’t throw my arm out when I throw it, but I was pretty pissed yesterday. Until I get it right, I’m going to keep doing it. Obviously, with repetition being the key to success, I gotta get the perfect tablet slam, which I haven’t got yet. Tune in next week to see if it happens.”

The tablet comments were made in jest, but emotions were clearly running high in Sunday’s game. Brady and the Buccaneers’ offense got off to a slow start against a Saints team that has had Tampa Bay’s number in the regular season, having won all four games since Brady joined the team (though Tampa Bay won their lone playoff matchup in the 2020 season).

The Buccaneers were scoreless at halftime, and in the second half, a wild skirmish broke out on the field after Tampa receiver Mike Evans shoved Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore. Both players were ejected, and Evans was suspended for one game as a result of the incident.

Tampa Bay was able to rally from there and wound up scoring 20 points in the second half. Brady was the quick to admit, however, that it wasn’t exactly the cleanest game all around.

“Remaining poised is really important, which I didn’t do a very good job of that [Sunday],” Brady said. “I’ve gotta be really mindful of that going forward, getting my emotions in a good place, so it allows me to be the best player I can be.

“I think there’s an importance where, you can become too overly emotional, which I definitely think I was [Sunday], and I’ve gotta find a better place to be at so I can be at a better place for my teammates.”