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Yamaha YH-L700A review | TechRadar

30-second review

The world isn’t short of wireless noise-cancelling headphones, but Yamaha has given its YH-L700A a definite point of difference – and we don’t just mean the eye-widening price. The company is adept with digital sound processing, as its long and proud heritage of multichannel home cinema amplifiers demonstrates. 

And there’s no denying the effectiveness of the spatial audio aspect of these headphones – they’re a more immersive and convincing listen in this respect than any nominal rival. Even in stereo, they have plenty to recommend them in sonic terms – not least their full-bodied, expansive and dynamic personality.

However, there’s no EQ customization available here,and they’re far from the last word in noise cancellation. And to bring things down to a fundamental level, they’re quite big – too big, certainly, for many people who might not have previously considered their heads all that small. Plus, did we mention the price? 

yamaha yh-l700a

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Yamaha YH-L700A price and release date

  • Available now
  • $529 / £449 / AU$699

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